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Memoirs of a Stolen Land: Indiscriminate Violence

Memoirs of a Stolen Land: Indiscriminate Violence

Palestinian public speaker, Mohammed Zeyara, is featured in the fifth episode of “Memoirs of a Stolen Land: Indiscriminate Violence.” In this video, Zeyara tells two stories that end with the death of innocent civilians—murdered by the Israeli Defense Force.

Zeyara, who grew up in Gaza, debunked Israel’s claim that it does not target the innocent by sharing his personal experiences while living in the Gaza Strip.

“Israel is extremely, extremely careless with where they fire their rockets, they don’t care. It doesn’t matter where they are firing. And it even happened to my cousin. [Israel] fired a missile towards my cousin’s family and they killed my little cousin,” Zeyara said.

Zeyara’s experiences are not unique to him. Israel is known for its indiscriminate violence against Palestinians. This past summer during Israel’s bombardment of the Gaza Strip it killed more than 2,000 Palestinians—500 of them were children.

This episode is particularly powerful because they involve the death of children, one of whom, Zeyara witnessed first hand.

For the next episode of the film series check back to Palestine in America.

Zahra Haider, the producer of the video series, is originally from the Dallas metropolitan area.  She is now a sophomore at Northwestern University studying journalism and film. She is involved in Northwestern News Network and the Daily Northwestern.

U.S. Senator proposes legislation that would punish Palestine for seeking justice

U.S. Senator proposes legislation that would punish Palestine for seeking justice

Memoirs of a Stolen Land: Campus Activism

Memoirs of a Stolen Land: Campus Activism