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Palipalooza 2019


Singers Mary Hazboun & Amira Jazeera; Rappers Waheeb Nasan and Bilal Shouly; And Al Salam Dabke

Palestine in America (PiA) will host its 4th annual Palipalooza on August 22nd at Al-Kief Hookah Lounge located 30 minutes southwest of Downtown Chicago.

Each year, Palipalooza serves as a reminder of the vibrant Palestinian community located in the heart of United States, while celebrating the work Palestine in America has completed over the last five years.

This year’s event will be special for several reasons, but most importantly because of the relaunch of our online platform. That night, we will introduce you to the Palestine in America team and give you insight into how we amplify Palestinians in the diaspora and back home. We will introduce our new website and share new opportunities to collaborate with our organization.

VIP ticket will include general admission and one hookah for $25 and general admission will be $15. The recommended age for attendance is 18 and up.  

We are looking for exhibitors and vendors to sponsor Palipalooza. Contact us at info@palestineinamerica.com for more details. We do have special rates and prices for students and low-income individuals.

PiA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people in the United States about Palestinian-American issues using journalism and cultural events. PiA hosts articles, short stories, and poems, produces a quarterly print magazine and hosts educational and cultural events. Most of our content is produced by Palestinians about Palestinians.

We look forward to a fun night dedicated to our beautiful culture in one of the biggest Palestinian communities in the diaspora.

Palipalooza 2019 performers will be Waheeb Nasan, Amira Jazeera, Mary Hazboun, Yara the Poet, Shouly B and Al Salam Dabka.