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NSJP builds bridges through community work, hosts 5th Annual Conference

NSJP builds bridges through community work, hosts 5th Annual Conference

This past year has been amazing for the Palestinian solidarity movement.

National Students for Justice in Palestine has grown rapidly since its inception as an ad hoc conference planning committee in 2010. Nearly six years later, everywhere we look there are victories.

Steven Salaita’s recent legal triumphs; The public declaration of solidarity from over one thousand black activists; The pullout of Veolia from the Israeli market are a examples in a sea of international victories. Thanks to the trickling effect of NSJP organizing, in 2015 alone there have been fifteen student-led divestment campaigns brought to a vote on U.S. campuses—ten have passed.

With NSJP’s growth comes change, and the group will gather next weekend and formally restructure. The group’s fifth conference will be held at San Diego State University October 9th-11th.

The conference, “From Campuses to Communities: Building a Vision for the Future,” will be devoted to the process of designing a structure that is right for NSJP. It is imperative that NSJP remain connected with the grassroots: to support the important work that is happening  on campuses and on the streets.

However, as the victories mount, the opposition is fortifying. The pro-Israel political machine consistently makes concerted efforts to counteract the mainstreaming of Palestinian solidarity on college campuses.

From the anti-BDS conference hosted by political mega-donors Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson to the political smear website Canary Mission, the opposition is well-financed and dedicated to its cause.

The United States government has made its intentions clear through hearings and presidential candidates pledging to combat BDS.

That is why It is crucial that SJPs from across the country be a part of this year’s conference to steer NSJP through the important transition. The group has made a priority to make the conference accessible to all SJP activists, regardless of their financial situation. In order to do this NSJP is working to raise the funds needed to give travel stipends for students who can’t afford the full costs. Its goal is $25,000 to send as many students as possible.

With the help of selfless individuals, NSJP can strengthen its movement. Become a part of it by investing in the group’s future.

Sanders campaign backtracks after removing Palestine activists from Boston rally

Sanders campaign backtracks after removing Palestine activists from Boston rally

Rev. Graylan Hagler speaks on Palestine despite threats

Rev. Graylan Hagler speaks on Palestine despite threats