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Palestinian-American activist arrested at Eric Garner protest

Palestinian-American activist arrested at Eric Garner protest

Linda Sarsour, a prominent Palestinian civil rights activist, was arrested Thursday night during a protest calling for the firing of Daniel Pantaleo, the New York police officer responsible for the death of Eric Garner.

Sarsour was widely reported to have been arrested on social media. After being released within a few hours she tweeted:

The protests were reportedly unauthorized by the city, and 23 arrests were made. However, there are indications that the civil disobedience was intentional, and Sarsour was prepared to be arrested.

 “When your ED e mails you to come through to an action & prep for her possible arrest,” a tweet by one of her employees said.

Sarsour posted her thoughts on the situation to her Facebook page:

“They said it wasn’t the right time to protest and demand justice for Eric Garner after the unfortunate murders of 2 police officers last December. They said today wasn’t the right time after horrific shootings in San Bernardino. When exactly is the right time to protest for justice? Justice is not something you wait for, schedule in your calendar, make appointments for. You gotta be in it for justice whenever it’s needed, every day.

I am out and I am good. We can’t be about justice and only be about just us. Justice is for all people. Our time will come sisters and brothers – show up for others, love others, fight for others and they will show up, fight for you and love you back.

Thank you for all of your love and support. If you love me & really got my back, share the MPower Change petition against NY Post (it’s below in the comments.) We still got work to do.”

Her arrest has not deterred her passion for justice and she tweeted that she will be out protesting for Eric Garner again Friday night.

Sarsour did not immediately reply to inquiries for a statement.

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