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Rami ‘The Son of Palestine’ Ibrahim wins USKA Muay Thai Championship

Rami ‘The Son of Palestine’ Ibrahim wins USKA Muay Thai Championship

“The Son of Palestine,” Rami Ibrahim, took home the United States Kickboxing Alliance (U.S.K.A) Muay Thai Championship on Jan. 30th. 

Ibrahim, who was born in Kuwait to Palestinian parents, is the longest active and defending Muay Thai kick boxing champion in North-American history.

It all began when Ibrahim’s family lost everything in the first Gulf War and immigrated to Philadelphia where the young Palestinian experienced major culture shock and quickly found that he was very different from other kids in his neighborhood.

After moving to a rough area in Philly, Ibrahim constantly had to defend himself in fights, so his family decided to put him in a martial arts program when he was 10-years-old. Since then, he’s become a successful professional Mixed Martial Artist and opened a renowned MMA gym—Rami Elite.  

“The Son of Palestine” has held numerous championship belts during his career, including the Philadelphia Kickboxing Championship and the World Kickboxing Association Championship.

In 2011, the World Boxing Council ranked Ibrahim as the No. 1 fighter in the United States—making him the first Palestinian to be ranked that high.

“You won’t hear anything about me.. Because I’m hated. I’m hated because I’m Palestinian and because I’m a fighter; Because I was born a fighter,” Ibrahim told Palestine in America.

Ibrahim frequently defends his identity and his connection to the sport all while dealing with the constant silencing of his accomplishments and struggles as a Palestinian fighter.

“The Son of Palestine” fulfilled his dream of being the first Palestinian to accomplish many things in professional MMA as well as making sure to represent the struggle and story of his people in the best way he knows how.

Abbas Hamideh, the co-founder of Al-Awda: The Palestine Right To Return Coalition, has been following Ibrahim’s boxing career since 2009, had the chance to see his most recent fight and spoke to how important “The Son of Palestine” is to his community.

“The world should know about Rami Ibrahim because he represents Palestine and is a voice for those who are silenced. He is the champion. He is a humble person and is not the person who seeks fame and glamour. Somebody like that deserves all of the respect in the world.” Hamideh told Palestine in America.

Ibrahim, who is a confirmed speaker for next month’s Support Palestine In D.C. 2016 National March, is driven to box by his hope for freedom and justice in Palestine.

“All of the fighters out there fight for themselves, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But I fight for something far more greater than my own personal desires,” Ibrahim said. “I fight for my Palestinian people. I fight for every Palestinian man, woman, and child, who have been oppressed for over 6 decades by the illegal occupation of Palestine. I fight for the freedom fighters who are fighting in hope of a free Palestine. Every fight I take, every blow I throw, I do it in hopes of shedding light on them.  They are the real champions.”

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