What is Palestine in America?

Palestine in America Inc NFP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people in the United States about Palestinian-American issues using journalism and cultural events. Palestine in America hosts articles, short stories, poems written by or about Palestinians. We produce our print magazine quarterly and hosts educational and cultural events.

PiA is always looking for original content to publish. Send in your reports to Material will be edited by our team of editors and published as we see fit.

There are opportunities to earn blog space for regular  contributors, especially for student journalists, student activists and Palestinian-Americans.  Video and audio reports are accepted as well.

We ask that all entries be original. Any plagiarism will result in losing future opportunities to be published.

Once the report is published, Palestine in America reserves the right to keep or take down the report at anytime.

Contact us with any questions or concerns.

Palestine in America needs your help!

Palestine in America needs your help!

Welcome to Palestine in America’s weekly newsletter!

Palestine in America (PiA) is growing thanks to many dedicated individuals, but as the organization grows, so does the need for your help.

I launched PiA in 2014 with the intentions of creating an online and print news source that would report on issues important to Palestinians and Americans alike. The team of writers and editors have done that successfully, but this year we plan on doing more for the community.

More than 30 different writers have contributed to PiA’s news publication and our authors are covering broad and interesting topics.

Just last summer, PiA published thousands of its first annual-print magazine and distributed them around the world. In that magazine and on PiA’s website, writers have covered Rasmea Odeh’s trial and controversial conviction, the growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, cultural events across the country and stories that have highlighted impressive Palestinian Americans.

The organization officially filed as a non-profit organization (Palestine in America Inc NFP) in January and appointed Directors, a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, to help grow the organization and serve on the Executive Board, which will help make critical decisions for the organization.

What do we have planned this year?

PiA has important plans for the rest of the year, including publishing the second print issue next August. We are currently raising money to pay for writers, editors, graphic designers, as well as printing, and shipping costs.

Despite the organizations focus on the online content and the annual-print magazine, this year Palestine in America will prove to be more than just literary material.

In 2016, PiA is planning to visit U.S. schools to address media portrayals of Palestine/Palestinians and how people can get involved with PiA to accurately and positively represent Palestinian life and culture. PiA will also be hosting events to showcase and celebrate the beauty of Palestinian life and culture.

The work PiA does is important and necessary to combat the skewed narrative many Americans are presented regarding Palestine and Israel. The content we produce, our outreach efforts and the events we will host are crucial for every American and gives voice to the Palestinian community in the U.S.

Please consider donating to this great new organization. With your help Palestine in America can give Palestinian-Americans a reliable news outlet and host more fun and educational events.

Those who’d like to make a donation can do so through PayPal at or send checks to Palestine in America at P.O. Box 346161 Chicago, IL 60634. All donations to PiA are tax deductible; Tax ID number 81-0981484


Nader Ihmoud

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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