What is Palestine in America?

Palestine in America Inc NFP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people in the United States about Palestinian-American issues using journalism and cultural events. Palestine in America hosts articles, short stories, poems written by or about Palestinians. We produce our print magazine quarterly and hosts educational and cultural events.

PiA is always looking for original content to publish. Send in your reports to Material will be edited by our team of editors and published as we see fit.

There are opportunities to earn blog space for regular  contributors, especially for student journalists, student activists and Palestinian-Americans.  Video and audio reports are accepted as well.

We ask that all entries be original. Any plagiarism will result in losing future opportunities to be published.

Once the report is published, Palestine in America reserves the right to keep or take down the report at anytime.

Contact us with any questions or concerns.

Palestine in America presents: Palipalooza!

Palestine in America presents: Palipalooza!

Today, I’m writing to you to announce Palestine in America’s annual event and journalism workshops our organization is offering to the community.

Palestine in America will host a fun night filled with live entertainment, literature, food and artwork. This annual event is called Palipalooza and this year will take place Saturday, August 13 at Aladdin Banquet Hall in Chicago suburb Hickory Hills.

The purpose of the event is to celebrate the release of our annual print magazine and share Palestinian culture by putting talented Palestinian Americans on the map.

Palipalooza’s lineup will include dancers, rappers, singers and musicians who play traditional Palestinian instruments. Tickets are now on sale for only $25 and a meal is included with the purchase.

Palestinians and their supporters from across the country should not miss out on the opportunity to be a part this unprecedented event. There are only 150 tickets available, get yours before it’s too late!

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the release of Palipalooza’s full lineup.

Palestine in America’s second print issue!

Everyone at PiA is still working hard to produce the second issue of PiA’s annual print magazine which is set to publish on August 1st. The 32-page magazine will feature 20 great writers, who will tackle important topics related to Palestine and Palestinian Americans.

We are still accepting advertisements for the second annual magazine and encourage you to secure your spot today! Choosing to advertise with Palestine in America will give your organization the opportunity to reach thousands of readers. Those who would like to place an advertisement in the second issue should e-mail us at to receive more information on ad rates and sizes.

Palestine in America Journalism Workshops


PiA is now also offering media and journalism workshops at universities and schools in Chicagoland and across the U.S. We have led workshops for high school students at the Arab American Action Network, college students at Students for Justice in Palestine’s annual Midwest Conference and are scheduled to present at Loyola University Chicago during Israeli Apartheid Week in April.

Our workshops focus on how Palestine is portrayed in the media, the importance of the Palestinian narrative being told accurately and what it takes to be a successful respected journalist, as well as running your own news organization.

Please help us continue to deliver important news and events related to Palestine and Palestinian Americans by donating to Palestine in America, today!

Thank you,

Nader Ihmoud


Let’s get real about colonial ‘solidarity’

Let’s get real about colonial ‘solidarity’

Palestinian rapper, singer team up on cover of Adele’s ‘Hello’

Palestinian rapper, singer team up on cover of Adele’s ‘Hello’