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Palestine in America Inc NFP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people in the United States about Palestinian-American issues using journalism and cultural events. Palestine in America hosts articles, short stories, poems written by or about Palestinians. We produce our print magazine quarterly and hosts educational and cultural events.

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There are opportunities to earn blog space for regular  contributors, especially for student journalists, student activists and Palestinian-Americans.  Video and audio reports are accepted as well.

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Palestinian artists impress sold out crowd at Palipalooza 2019

Palestinian artists impress sold out crowd at Palipalooza 2019

Palestine in America (PiA) sold out Palipalooza for the first time in the history of its annual event. 

The PiA team would like to thank Palipalooza 2019 attendees for filling Al Keif Hookah  Lounge to capacity and supporting our artists and vendors on August 22. 

Moe Harb opened up the show with an electric performance. 

Big Moe proved that despite just starting to rap, his stage presence is unmatched.

Mary Hazboun brought the heart and soul of Palestine into the venue and made us all yearn to be back home. 

Yara the Poet’s powerful words were the perfect way to transition into the final leg of the show. 

Bilal Shouly followed her up by living up to the hype and showed his experience with the mic. 

Then Amira Jazeera blessed the crowd with unreleased music and her magical voice. 

Waheeb Nasan and Al Salam Dabke Group closed out Palipalooza with lively performances that left the crowd wanting more. 

Attendees began to chant for an encore from performer Big Moe. As some attendees headed to visit our vendors, Big Moe performed his song “Free Palestine.”

Our team would also would like to also thank our sponsors & vendors: Rush4Congress, Pita Pita Grill, Palestinian Hustle, Wear the Peace, Pali Appearl, Pali Pieces, Middle Eastern Pulse, the Art of Weeping and Samira Ramadan. Without their support, Palipalooza wouldn’t be possible. 

Palipalooza 2019 was our most successful event to date, but we aren’t getting complacent. We are already starting to plan for Palipalooza 2020, so if you’d like to be a part of our planning committee or volunteer your time in anyway, please contact us at

Remember the Name: Belal Muhammad, UFC Fighter

Remember the Name: Belal Muhammad, UFC Fighter

Invisible Words in the Empty Air

Invisible Words in the Empty Air