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Survey: Democratic elites think Israel is a racist country with too much influence over U.S.

Survey: Democratic elites think Israel is a racist country with too much influence over U.S.

The tide is turning, as a new survey reports American Democrats unwavering support for Israel has reached its breaking point. The survey, conducted by Frank Luntz, a well known political analyst, reveals that many Democrats are no longer turning a blind eye to Israel’s racist ideology and mistreatment of Palestinians.

Luntz asked a series of questions to 802 members of the “opinion elite.” Luntz categorizes the opinion elites as educated, financially stable, and publically active individuals. The survey, ironically, was sponsored by the Jewish National Fund.

The major results of the survey, from The Times of Israel, are below:


  • 76% of Democrats said Israel has “too much influence” on US foreign policy, as opposed to 20% of Republicans.

  • 47% of Democrats agreed that Israel is a racist country, as opposed to 13% of Republicans

  • 31% of Democrats do not think Israel wants peace with its neighbors, as compared to 5% of Republicans.

  • 32% of Democrats said they would be less likely to support a local politician who supported Israel, as opposed to 7% of Republicans.

  • When asked whether the US should support Israel or Palestine, 18% of Democrats said Palestine, 31% were neutral, and 51% said Israel.

  • When asked about which side they themselves support, 27% of Democrats and 4% of Republicans said they were “pro-Palestinian.”

  • 75% of Democrats said that illegal Israeli settlements are an impediment to peace, as opposed to 25% of Republicans.

  • 50% of Democrats and 18% of Republicans agreed with the proposition that “Jewish people are too hyper-sensitive and too often label legitimate criticisms of Israel as an anti-Semitic attack.”

The results of the survey are significant and deep. While most of the Democratic leadership in the House and Senate vigorously supports Israel, the public is beginning to see through Congressional propaganda.

Many zionists are quick to point the finger at the Obama administration for the dwindling support of Israel. Relations between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are described as “dysfunctional.”

“Each one is convinced that the other one doesn’t get the other side’s core interests,” said David Makovsky, a former advisor on Secretary of State John Kerry’s Middle East team. “Beyond all the grievances and the slights, that is the fundamental issue.”

Obama publicly admits a mutual disagreement on core views,  “We believe that two states is the best path forward for Israel’s security, for Palestinian aspirations, and for regional stability. And Prime Minister Netanyahu has a different approach.”

While the relationship between Obama and Netanyahu is tumultuous, the results of the survey are considered a victory for the undeniable, growing power of the Boycott, Divest, Sanctions (BDS) movement.

When survey participants had been informed about the BDS campaign, 31% of Democrats and 3% of Republicans supported it, while 40% of survey respondents were already familiar with the BDS movement.

These results show promise to the future of BDS. As BDS continues to grow, it appears that many Democrats will follow suit and join the global movement.

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Episcopal Church USA Rejects Divestment

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