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PYM Responds to Cancellation of Ghassan Kanafani Resistance Arts Scholarship Celebration in Toronto Due to Zionist Pressure

The Palestinian Youth Movment was dismayed to receive word that Trinity St.-Paul’s United Church in Toronto caved to a smear and harassment campaign initiated by a Zionist organization and opted to cancel the upcoming celebration of the PYM’s annual Ghassan Kanafani Resistance Arts Scholarship on July 13th, 2019.

UCLA Graduate Students for Justice in Palestine Extends Support for John Hopkins University Garland Sit-in: #FreedomCampus

We are inspired by the resilience and steadfastness of students and community members taking part in this initiative, as their example is a powerful testament to how it is our duty to push back against the university’s penchant for profiting off of the harm and exploitation of our communities.

Balfour Declaration at heart of occupation of Palestine

The current threats to Al Aqsa mosque sanctuary, the official order to shoot with live ammunition Palestinian children accused of allegedly throwing stones, the siege and attacks on Gaza, thousands of Palestinian political prisoners and the overall de-development of the Palestinian economy and society are all the results of a small document that was signed and sent forth nearly 100 years ago.

DePaul Divest launches act two of campaign

In a surprise move Sunday night, student activists at DePaul University announced that they are re-launching their DePaul Divest campaign to pressure the university administration to pull its investments from corporations that profit off of Israel’s human rights violations in Palestine, respecting last year’s majority student vote.  Corporations include Hewlett-Packard, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Veolia, Caterpillar, and others.