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Trump’s ambassador to Israel dances on the grave of ‘two states’ but BDS can change the tune

With the selection of his senior campaign adviser on Israel, David Friedman, as the next U.S. ambassador to Israel, President-Elect Donald Trump has signaled that the United States will not only continue its steadfast support of the Israeli government, but will in fact further accommodate the government of Benjamin Netanyahu by breaking with official U.S. opposition to illegal settlement construction in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Reflecting on an ongoing Nakba

It is difficult to decide on a point of departure when discussing the limitless impact of the Nakba (The Catastrophe) of 1948. The extent of its implications may prove to be unknowable, as the extent of its malice unfathomable, but its redirection of Palestinian history is undeniable.

Reza Aslan, colonial erasure in discussion of Islamophobia at Northwestern University

On February 18, the Northwestern Community gathered to attend Reza Aslan’s talk entitled “Fear Inc.: The Industrialization of Islamophobia.” What ensued was a delicate dance of fallacies, faulty analogies, and criminal omissions, revolving around a weak interpretation of the title and concluding itself in the naïve thesis that Islamophobia ultimately solely exists because its perpetrators have not yet met enough Muslims.  

Snapchat fantasizes Israeli occupation of Palestine

Snapchat has definitely been an entertaining application shared between friends. It facilitates picture and video interactions, while letting a person glimpse into someone’s day through their “Snapchat story.” However, Snapchat took it up a notch when it introduced the “live Snapchat stories” a few months ago and began to offer its users a tour of a typical day in different locations around the world through local user submissions. You could be on the red carpet one day and participate in bullfights in Spain the next.